Sexta-feira, 13 de Abril de 2007


Sloggi Thong Billboards: Create Your Own Controversy!


French lingerie maker Sloggi has an interesting marketing strategy of creating intentionally provocative billboards—and then placing them in equally provocative places, like near a mosque—that are certain to draw protests or outright bans. Controversy does make for a good PR strategy, and it is pretty much the only reason we know who they are. But rather than hog all the fun for themselves, they've set up a new website where You, Time's Person of the Year, can create your own Sloggi billboard that you can then use to shock stuffy grown-ups and any thong haters in your email address book. Pick the background, pick the models and poses (they might even take their shirts off for you) and you'll be making "consumer generated content" in no time! It's also a great way to waste a few more hours of your day once you've gotten Heather Vandeven to go as far as she can while staring at thongs. Don't you feel empowered?

· Sloggi Billboard Director (flash site @
· Sloggi Shares the Lingerie Love, Lets You Choose Ass, Make Billboard (

(via Fleshbot)

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